Hybrid Solar Hot Water System

  • Premium grade material is used throughout the construction of every PECOL solar hot water system. Durable Materials is selected for outstanding performance, which is able to withstand rigorous tharsh weather conditions.

  • PECOL solar hot water system has been precisely engineered to meet the need for constant hot water. It traps solar energy at a faster rate with its larger surface area of the solar collectors. With this new breakthrough it allows better heat absorption compared to any other system in the market.

  • There are two capacities available 40 gallon (182 liter) which suitable for a small family with 2 to 4 persons and 60 gallon (300 liter) which is suitable for a family of 4 to 6 persons.

  • The answer is “Yes”, special mounting with evenly weighted distribution brackets can be easily installed securely on the roof or the truss of the building.

  • PECOL provide 10 years International Warranty from the date of purchase for the inner tank and 1 year for all other parts.

  • In the event of rain of if it is too cloudy on a particular day, the solar heater comes with a built in electrical backup booster which can be switched on to generate the required hot water.

  • The best orientation must be facing North –South.

  • Hybrid Hot Water Storage Tank

  • Heat extracted by the air conditioner unit from the room which is normally discharged to the outside, is instead used to raise the temperature of water in the PECOL air con water heater. Therefore as long as the air conditioner is used regularly, FREE hot water will be obtained

  • 1. In normal operation, the answer is “No”, the maximum temperature of the water is less than 70 degrees (Celsius).

    2. The pressure of the tank is maintained below 100 psi by the safety valve

    3. Pressure Relay Valve, Tempering Valve and Thermostat are used to control the temperature

  • The answer is “Yes”, Pecol products comes with 3 types of holding bracket:

    1. Horizontal Resting

    2. Vertical Resting

  • 1. We use premium grade stainless steel from Japan for the inner body (tank) or equivalent

    2. Robotic welding ensures the consistent quality of welding

    3. High density polyurethrene is used to minimize Heat Loss

    4. The inner tank is tested by a high pressure pump to check leaking up to a pressure of 300 psi

    5. The Heat Exchanger uses thick gauge copper coil

    6. Outer Body of Tank is Electro-Galvanized to enhance durability

  • 1. Heat Exchanger connected to air conditioner compressor mean that hot refrigerant from air conditioner compressor will transfer in water tank and send back the cooling refrigerant gas to air conditioner. No additional energy is used to heat up the water.

    2. Free of Charge Hot Water

    3. Air conditioner unit’s performance is enhanced (lifespan of compressor extended) as heat normally dissipated into the environment is directly absorbed into the system, thus resulting in a faster rate of cooling for the compressor of the air conditioner.

  • Yes, we have a well trained and experienced service team to provide prompt and professional after sales service.

  • We only used Japanese premium grade stainless steel unlike other water heater manufacturers who use cheaper Chinese or Taiwanese stainless steel.

  • The waste heat from the Air con compressor is transmitted to the copper heat exchanger in the Air Con water heater which then heats up the water.

  • We provide 5 years warranty for the stainless steel inner tank and 1 year warranty for all other parts.

  • Electric Storage Water Heater

  • 1. No, the maximum temperature set of the thermostat is 60degrees (Celsius) but the below 90 degrees (Celsius).

    2. The pressure cannot go higher than 100 psi.

    3. Using valve and thermostat to control the temperature and to ensure safety/ prevent over heating

  • Yes, PECOL’s heaters come with 3 types of holding bracket:

    1. Horizontal Resting (136 gallons and above)

    2. Vertical Resting (for any size)

  • 1. We use Japanese superior stainless steel grade or equivalent for the inner body(tank)

    2. Robotic welding-to ensure consistency of workmanship to prevent 100% zero leakage

    3. Insulation using high density polyurethane to minimize heat loss

    4. Inner tank hydraulic tested to 300 psi

    5. Oven baked epoxy powder coated Electro Galvanized (E.G) for outer body for durability

  • Yes, our service team is well trained and experienced to provide excellent service when needed

  • PECOL Storage Water Heaters have a triple safety system to ensure the safety of the user:

    1. Thermostat set at 60 degrees (Celsius)

    2. Second stage thermal cut out at 88 degrees (Celsius)

    3. Pressure Relief Valve at 1000 psi (PRV) or Temperature Relieve Valve (TPV) set at 99 degrees (Celsius) and 100 ps

  • Commercial Heat Pump Hot Water

  • PECOL Heat Pump technology is a reverse refrigeration technology which reaches a high level of efficiency and high hot temperature of hot water.

  • PECOL Heat Pump absorbs heat from the surroundings and raises it to usable temperature for heating. This principle enables a quantity of heat at source to be multiplied several times at no additional cost. PECOL Heat Pumps have a COP of up to 4 to raise the temperature of water from 27 degrees(Celsius) to 60 degrees (Celsius).

  • COP stands for Coefficient of Performance and is the important measure of the efficiency of a heat pump. It is defined as the ratio of output energy obtained (heat) to the input energy required (electrical). Therefore, a COP of 4 means that for every 1 dollar of electrical energy consumed by the heat pump, 4 dollars worth of heat energy will be generated.

  • 1. For the temperature we use Temperature Release Valve, Thermo Cut Off for second stage and Thermostat Control.

    2. Use PRV (Pressure Relieve Valve)

  • 1. 45 years manufacturing industry experience.

    2. PECOL Heat Machine and Calorifier Tank come with Japan specifications stainless steel material or equivalent.

    3. PECOL Heat Machine products are 100% in house test run before delivery to customers.

  • 1. Raw Material – High Quality stainless Steel from Japan

    2. Lowest Operating and Hot Water Costs

    3. Pollution Free and Safer compared to Boiler System

    4. Free Cold Air

    5. Space Flexibility

    6. What is the warranty period for the PECOL Heat Pump? Standard 1 year warranty for Heat Pump and 5 years for inner tank of calorifier.

  • Mini Heat Pump

  • The PECOL Mini Heat Pump has the exact same working principle as the PECOL Commercial Heat Pump, that is utilizing the refrigeration cycle to obtain useable heat from the surrounding air to raise the water temperature to 60oC. The main difference is that the PECOL Mini Heat Pump is a modular system, which means the storage Tank and Heat Pump is all built in together as a single unit. Apart from that, the PECOL Mini Heat Pump has a smaller capacity (136 liters, 227 liters, 363 liters) compared to the PECOL Commercial Heat Pump. 2. What is the PECOL Mini Heat Pump suited for? The PECOL Mini Heat Pump is perfect for large bungalows, spas, salons, budget hotels, restaurants, etc.

  • Plumbing installation is straightforward and almost exactly the same as installing a conventional Storage Heater.

  • The PECOL Mini Heat Pump only requires a single 3-pin plug into a 20Amp single phase power supply.

  • Compared to using conventional electric storage heater, the PECOL Mini Heat Pump can give a savings of up to 80% on the total water heating cost.