The PECOL® Hybrid Hot Water Storage Tank can be installed anywhere. It is linked to the split air-conditioner system which comprises a condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and compressor. It is also the world first waste heat reclamation heater. Function PECOL® Hybrid Hot Water Storage Tank provides an alternative source for heating up water using the heat generated by either a single air-conditioner or several split unit air-conditioners.


Zero Operating Cost

PECOL Aircon water heater generating hot water with zero operating cost.

Great Savings on Electricity

PECOL Aircon Water heater reduces work done by the condenser of the air-conditioner.
Thus less wattage of electricity is consumed.

Environmental friendly

By recycling the waste energy of the air-conditioner, the PECOL Aircon water heater helps to conserve the environment.

Safe and Quiet

The system does not have flame, exhaust, fume and it does not overheat.
It also has no moving part.

Weather Resistant

Built from highly durable material, the product can withstand any weather condition.

Pay back period (Return on Investment)

Compared to the electric heater, the extra investment spent can be recovered within 12 months.