PECOL® Electric Storage Water Heaters are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. Our complete range of standard sizes and special made to order models give you a wide choice for all your hot water requirements.


High safety standard

Low watt density heating element ensures safety and comforms strictly to British Standards. PECOL incorporates Triple Safety System

i) Presurre Relief Valve

ii) Thermostst Automatic cut out

iii) Thermal safety cut out for maximum safety protection.

Automatic thermostat control

Ensures no wastage of electricitynby automatically controlling the heating.

Plentiful Instant hot water

Efficient insulation and thermostat control ensures instat hot water for various outlets..

High quality imported material

PECOL high quality stainless steel water Heaters are made to lasts

Stainless steel heater tank rust free water

Thick gauge stainless steel to withstand rust and testedto 20 bars to ensured no water leakage with 5-years leak proof warranty.