PECOL® Commercial Heat Pump technology is a reverse refrigeration technology that reaches a high level of efficiency and high hot temperature or hot water. The PECOL® Commercial Heat Pump absorbs heat from the surroundings and raises it to usable temperature for heating. This principle enables a quantity of heat at source to be multiplied several times at no additional cost.


Ultra Solid Frame

Premium grade material are used throughout the construction of every Pecol Solar Hot Water System.

Prolong Hot Water Temperature

Pecol has incorporated soft-flow water spreader to prevent make-up cold water from mixing freely with the heated water.

Ultra Fast Heating

Pecol solar water system has been precisely engineered to meet the need for constant hot water.
It trap solar energy at a faster rate with its larger surface of area to allows better heat absorption.

Pressure Solar Tank

Pecol’s optimum water flow is designed to enable the right flow of hot water throughout your entire hot water plumbing system.

Extra Energy Saving

Pecol crystal clear low iron tempered glass specially designed to allow the ultimate transmission of sunlight with negligible emission of heat directly onto the ultra black chromatic collector. 
The near ‘Perfect Bank’ UBC collector has an extra absorption power to deliver higher performance compared to any other collector.

Tougher Protection

Pecols uses an UV treated air-light seal all around the side and goes all round the solar hot water tank to prevent rain water and other corrosive particles in the air seeping through.

Best Insulation

Pecol uses pressure injected high density polyurethane foam to restrict minimal heat lost to the atmosphere surrounding even at tremendous temperature difference.

MaIntenance Free

Pecols has perfected the welds by using high technology robotic welding also to compressed seal by the quality brass fittings are used form preffered system.

Built To Last

Quality workmanship and quality material are pecol commitment.
We assure high durability to give great value to your investment.

State-Of-The-Art Design

The trendy and stylish slim like design is designed to blend into harmony of any roof profile.

Hot Water All Year Around

Pecol comes with built in electrical backup for heating element for additional hot water needed during monsoon season efficiently maintain desired temperature anytime during rainy days.


Pecols provide 10 years warranty after purchased.

Note:Pecol Water to Water Heat Pump using Chiller condenser water as heat source can be made to requirement. Special capacities and dimensions other than shown above can be made to requirement. Specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.

The PECOL calorifier:

1. Allow the system to meet period of high peek hot water demand.

2. Provide hot water temperature stratification required by the the heat pump for efficient operation.

3. Properly sized capacity with conect thermostat differential setting prevent short cycling.

PECOL commercial calorifier Adequate storage capacity is official to maximise the Pecol heat pump water heater system performance, water is circulated between the storage tank and the hit pump unit by the built in PECOL circulating pump.

The water is heated averagely 8c each times it passes through the heat pump unit.The tank temperature gradually rises until the set point of the thermostat control is reached and the heat pumps automatically shuts off.